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 Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux

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Coach Killemall
Coach Killemall

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Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux Empty
PostSubject: Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux   Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux I_icon_minitimeWed 18 Mar 2009 - 23:44


Another interest fray between the Graveyard Guillotines and the Ballkickers. By way of summary, stash won the toss off by calling "heads" (both sides are heads). Anyhow, the first half was a bit of maush pit as our lines locked up in the middles and didn't move for most of the first half. There was some excitement as Hack Enslash, the first player to field a chainsaw in the league, managed to swing his saw twice before getting horrible mauled. Also, Freakshow the clown, the Guillotine's star ghoul went down with a niggling injury. In the bottom of the first half Stash managed to move the ball to within 3 spaces of my endzone, unfortunately, the only player that was near the ball was his Minotaur who is not known for his ball handling skills. A scrum erupted over the next 3 turns and, after an interesting turn where we witnessed 4 bounces (due to 4 failures to pick the ball up) the first half ended 2 spaces from the Guillotines endzone with a score of 0 - 0.

The second half was a little more exciting as Rammageddon, the Guillotines mummy punched a hole in the Ballkickers line which allowed for a quick pick-up and handoff to Fectious Tageous, the rookie ghoul, resulting in a quick touchdown for the undead in turn 2. In response the ballkickers came back and, in a quick change-up, caught the guillotines unaware as stash lured in the majority of the guillotines to the left side of the field, and the threw the ball to a chaos warrior on the right side. Thanks to a failed catch, and a astounding ball recover by a zombie (agility 2 with -2 modifiers), what should have been an easy touchdown for the ballkickers turned into a loose ball which was ultimately recover by Fectious Tageous who ran in for his second touchdown of the game.

Fun had by all. The gods ultimately smiled on the ballkickers as Stash walked away with two star players, one who was a chaos warrior who rolled +1 strength (he/it now has 5 strength) and was dubbed the "Ultimate Warrior" and the other was his minotaur who rolled doubles (we can only speculate how Stash will waste it). Less excitement for the Guillotines, though Fectious Tageous earned the block skill in his rookie debute.


Coash Killemall
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Coach Kallidon
Coach Kallidon

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Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux Empty
PostSubject: Re: Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux   Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux I_icon_minitimeThu 19 Mar 2009 - 9:29

You pretty have to take those Str. increases when they come.. but I have to say I'd be way more nervous about a chaos warrior with Agil 4 then Str 5..

The slayers can bat those high str. around good enough.. I've got little do deal with the passing game though other than to hope I can keep knocking people to the ground enough.
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Graveyard Guillotines vs. Ballkickers - Part Deux
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