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 Eye Pokers vs. The Mighty Midgets

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Eye Pokers vs. The Mighty Midgets Empty
PostSubject: Eye Pokers vs. The Mighty Midgets   Eye Pokers vs. The Mighty Midgets I_icon_minitimeThu 4 Jun 2009 - 9:45

The battle of the new teams took place last night, and it was a bloody one. Believe it or not, the Skaven gave up 190k worth of inducements in their first game! The mighty midgets were down a couple guys and have been saving up for something big.

The midgets opted for a halfling chef and a bloodwieser babe. With the Pokers brining in the majority of fans and winning the opening coin flip, they were set to receive.

Without a Rat ogre on the front line to help out, the rats strategy was very basic.. avoid the middle where the treemen were and score. The strategy worked out good for the rats as they took the victory last night 4-0. The gutter runner scored three of the touch downs, the movement of 9 a little high for the poor little stunties to handle.. even with the hand grenades.

Much to the dismay of Ryan.. he should of scored a couple of times at LEAST. His halfling bombs were wreaking havoc on his plans. The passes and landings were going fine, but it was the scatter that was killing. Two times he could of scored, but he ended up scattering three squares away from the end zone and out of the little guys movement range.

On the other side, his one treeman inflicted 3 casualties ALONE on the rats. WIth what, 4 games under his belt, that treeman is up to 6 casualties. He's easily on his way to shattering Hammerheads 8 from last season.

List of casualties on the Pokers include:

Vax Vroom (gutter runner) - -1 str (Yes, he's now str 1!!)
Pulk (lineman) - -1 str
Glitch (lineman) - -1 movement

The rats answered back with no casualties of significance, save for a couple guys that are missing the next game. My KO bin was sitting at 3 with 4 in the dead and injured. I believe the Midgets had 4-5 in the KO box and 2-3 in the dead/injured at the end of the game. It was definitely a bloodfest... but with armor 6 and 7's kicking around, what could you expect?
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Eye Pokers vs. The Mighty Midgets
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