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 Robyn's Team #2

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Coach Kallidon
Coach Kallidon

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PostSubject: Robyn's Team #2   Fri 24 Apr 2009 - 15:47

Im having a pretty hard time trying to decide what to do up for my second team. I'll probably stick with the dwarves for the next league, primarily because I dont have another team ready at all, but I keep or fluttering back and forth between a few teams.

I was going to ask how the league stands on the three proposed teams; Slaan, Underworld Pact and Chaos pact. There isn't a link in the link ssection, but I'll post one up. They are pretty mediocre as far as the teams itself, but would be alot of fun for modelling and well.. fun period. So commisionairres, check them out and let us know what you think.

As for regular teams, I really think I might try the Skaven team and go with the no Rat Ogre theme.. just load up on Blitzers, a thrower, three gutter runners and lineman. I've read a few things about people who have ran a skaven team without the rat ogre and they have alot of fun with it. It becaomes a pretty fast with the focus of course of running and passing. I definitely need a team that can pass after using the dwarves.. however.. I double my entire league completion total last week when I got two in one game.

Chaos dwarves would be alot of fun, but still pretty close to regular dwarves and trying to get the bull centaur to pick up the ball with agil 2 and no sure hands would drive me crazy. I dont want to touch any elf teams with a ten foot pole... and I dont think I'm quite ready to tackle the halfling team yet. So, right now Skaven are in the lead.. but I would contemplate a Chaoc pact team.

What's everyone else thinking about for second teams?
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PostSubject: Re: Robyn's Team #2   Fri 24 Apr 2009 - 20:17

I would prefer that you not use them for now as they are not official, and they do not appear in the spreadsheet we will be using.

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Robyn's Team #2
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