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 Headhammerer's vs. the Ball Kickers

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Headhammerer's vs. the Ball Kickers Empty
PostSubject: Headhammerer's vs. the Ball Kickers   Headhammerer's vs. the Ball Kickers I_icon_minitimeFri 3 Apr 2009 - 11:00

Wednesday night saw the second meeting of the two bash-up teams, the Headhammerer's and the Ball Kickers. After losing 2-0 in their first meeting, Ball Kicker coach "Stash", was out for redemption.

It was going to have to wait though, as luck was fully on the side of the Headhammerer's this night. 16K fans showed up to cheer for their favorite dwarf team. The chaos brought 11K of their most deranged minions, so they were thoroughly outnumbered! The Ball Kickers called the coin flip and lost, the Headhammerer's were to receive. It was going to be a hot one.. as the game was set to take place in the sweltering heat.. again! This was the Headhammerer's third bout with heat. The game started with the Headhammerer's bashing up some warriors. Coach Stash could only watch in amazement as two chaos warriors and a beastman were sent to the KO bin. Despite that, the Ball Kickers kept up intense pressure on the dwarves, almost scoring a few times as a big scrum happened deep into the dwarf zone.

As the half neared the end, the Ball Kickers were down 4 players, but had managed to fight back and get two dwarves off the field. Star Player Pringle Battleaxesmith ended up on the wrong side of a crab claw wielding minotaur. Severing the poor dwarf's kicking leg at mid thigh, everyone though he was on his way to the grave! Thanks to the skill of famed dwarf cutman, Krill "The Stitch", not only was he able to get Pringle's leg back on.. but he's got it healed up and strong enough that they say he wont even be missing one game!

With the ball on the dwarf one yard at the top of turn 7, team Captain Oli "Crazy Legs" Grasscrusher knew it was time to stop fooling around and put a brilliant play together. Getting the signal, blitzer Borg "Chunky" Dunderstein, hopped to his feet, dodged out of the chaos warrior's way and came barrelling down on the beastmen giving Crazy Legs some trouble. Knocking him flat on his back from a hard tackle from behind, Crazy legs deftly snapped up the ball and made a break out of the scrum. Running as fast as his little gimpers would carry him, Oli zipped up to midfield making two go for it rolls with ease. He then deftly passed the ball over to the most dangerous man on the field so far this season, Hammerhead! Even though his fists are meant for smashing, sometimes they can be used for catching! Hammerhead caught the ball and made a run for the endzone. After going for it twice, he was standing on the 6 yard line, no opponents in sight and the end zone so close! The Ball Kickers, having to leave the fate of the goal in the chaos gods hands, decided to try and inflict a bit of damage. Thinking that the ref was fully distracted by the energetic run of the dwarves, a lone beastmen opted to play a little dirty, but he got caught before he could do any damage to the downed dwarf. He would spend the rest of the game in the dungeon. A costly gamble, already down a handful of players. Hammerhead kicked it overdrive, being turn 8 and the dwarves last chance to score. Go for it roll 1 good, and then the chaos gods reared their twisted heads and weaved fate to their benefit. Poor Hammerhead stumbled down on the 1 yard line. Half time with the score 0 -0.

The dwarves lined up for the kick-off, unfortunately their kicker was still missing his leg at this point, so they had to play things safe. The heat started to be a factor, but favored the stalwart dwarves as it also had in the past. The Ball kickers only lost one player, but it was their scrimmage line's rock, the Minotaur. The dwarves had been known throughout the season to rely on their perfect defense, and today was no exception. After a rough scrum back and forth, the ball eventually found it's way into Crazy Legs hands and he was able to run it in for the first TD of the game.

Lining up for the kick-off again, the dwarves displayed their perfect defense yet again! The Ball kickers were just outnumbered at this point, and despite the chaos warriors overwhelming strength, the dwarves were able to fend them off and keep their ball in their half. Dwarves win with a 1-0 victory.

It was a really fun game, but luck was definitely on my side. I think Stash was ready to flip the board though, as 3 of my first 4 armor rolls came up 10 or above. My first two blocks thrown took out a chaos warrrior and a beastmen. Things evened out around mid-game though, as he started to inflict some casualities of his own and I was burning up re-rolls on stupid things. It would of been a way different game though if those chaos warriors had block. Its nice they get two dice to start, but I dont how many times Stash rolled up a pair of defender stumbles or a skull and one stumble. Once those warriors start skilling up a bit, youch. In order to get two dice blocks against them, I had to get three dwarves on one of them. I ended throwing quite a few one dice blocks, but it would skull up more often than not.
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Headhammerer's vs. the Ball Kickers
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