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PostSubject: Team Logos   Team Logos I_icon_minitimeSun 29 Mar 2009 - 7:57

So i would like to see everyone with a team logo. We want to be able to use them in newsletters and other material. To this end the commissionaires office will reward 40k to anyone who gets in their logo. This is an open offer, so you can collect at any time, and it will stand for all new teams. If you need help with the editing, and putting in original pictures, just email me and i will do what i can to see you get a worthy logo.

The logo generator is linked here

What i did was make the outline of the seal, then go to
A search should turn up a ton of stuff, so youll have to page through it.

I did a search for skulls, then ripped off a guys original work and modified it with my colors. Again, it requited allot of photoshop to pull off, so if you need a hand getting your picture into the seal, just email me and ill help.

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Team Logos
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