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 Team Logos

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PostSubject: Team Logos   Thu 26 Mar 2009 - 19:41

I would like to encourage everyone to make up a team logo. I posted a link to a site that pretty much does all the work for you (here it is again)

I would like to see all the teams have their own distinct logo. It gives us more material for the newsletter, and i think that they would make excellent signatures for users. To date i have not been able to allow signatures, but i am working on it. I used this program and photoshop to make both my team logo, and the smash logo.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Logos   Fri 27 Mar 2009 - 10:20

I did play around with this program before. It's pretty cool and fun to try out different logo's and combinations.

Thank's for the Link!
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Team Logos
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